New Structure 2015

The “International Breast Ultrasound School (IBUS)”, now the leading international provider of breast imaging courses, has undergone a name change. In future, it will be known by the abbreviation “IBUS”, and also by the “IBUS Breast Imaging School”.

“IBUS” itself with the Executive Council will be responsible for administration, and
the “IBUS Breast Imaging School” will be responsible for providing the education. This new structure will improve the delivery of high quality programmes covering all breast imaging modalities and image-guided interventions.

IBUS structure diagram

The administration of IBUS affairs will be the responsibility of the Executive Council whilst all teaching will be under the direction of the IBUS Breast Imaging School. The above diagram outlines the two key IBUS functions.

IBUS Executive Committee

The IBUS Executive Committee has seven members (see Executive Council page). Professor Enzo Durante holds the position of IBUS President, and he is also Chairman of the IBUS Breast Imaging School. Professor Fritz K. W. Schäfer has accepted the position of Vice President and Professor Helmut Madjar is the Past President. Dr Dionysios Koufoudakis is the IBUS Secretary, and Professor Jack Jellins remains in the Founding President’s position.

With the new IBUS structure, the previous Advisory Board has been renamed the Academic Board whose responsibility is to improve the IBUS School curriculum.

New logos

IBUS logo


Breast Imaging School logo

IBUS Breast Imaging School

Last modified 3 October 2015