IBUS 20th Anniversary

IBUS celebrates 20 years: 1991-2011

IBUS 20th anniversary plaque

The commemorative plaque presented to IBUS in Athens, Greece by Dr Grigoris Xepapadakis, Director of the Breast Clinic of the IASO General Hospital, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the foundation of IBUS.

The plaque was presented on the occasion of the 3rd International Breast Ultrasound Course held in Athens in May, 2011.


IBUS 20th anniversary cake

The IBUS cake prepared in Ferrara, Italy in September, 2011 as part of the 20th anniversary celebration to mark the formation of IBUS in 1991.

The celebration was organized by Professor Enzo Durante.

IBUS: Celebrating 20 years of achievement:

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