A word from the IBUS Executive.

Breast Ultrasound image

IBUS together with the IBUS Breast Imaging School is now the leading international provider of teaching programs covering breast imaging and image-guided interventional procedures. Known previously as the “International Breast Ultrasound School”, IBUS is incorporated as a non-profit organization in Switzerland.

IBUS was established in 1991 by a dedicated group of breast disease experts with Jack Jellins, Australia (Founding President), Enzo Durante, Italy, B. Joachim Hackelöer, Germany, Helmut Madjar Germany (Founding Vice President), and Rainer Otto Switzerland (Founding Secretary). The group had wide experience in a range of diverse of biomedical and clinical fields that included imaging physics, breast surgery, breast imaging  (ultrasound and X-ray mammography), interventional procedures, and medical education. The founding members became the first Executive Committee.

The goals of IBUS include the improvement of breast imaging standards; the provision of high quality courses and interactive workshops; the evaluation of breast imaging techniques; and the dissemination of breast imaging information.

IBUS and the IBUS Breast imaging School collaborate with medical societies and educational organizations to raise the international standards of breast imaging through the provision of high quality courses. With improvements in technology, the demands for more comprehensive teaching programs has increased due to the greater dependency for accurate imaging in the detection, diagnosis and management of benign conditions and early breast cancers.

In 2011, IBUS and the IBUS Breast imaging School celebrated its 20th anniversary in Ferrara, Italy (PowerPoint slideshow 5MB), and by 2016, when IBUS celebrated its 25th anniversary more than 120 courses had been provided to over 12,000 participants since 1991.

Last modified 06 March 2019