IBUS Executive Council

Executive Committee:

Prof. Erkin Aribal

Prof. Erkin Aribal

President – IBUS
Professor Erkin Aribal
Department of Radiology
Acibadem M.A.A. University
Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Jeffrey C Bamber

Vice President – IBUS
Professor Jeffrey C Bamber
Joint Department of Physics
The Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital
Sutton, London, UK

Dr Dionysios Koufoudakis

Dr Dionysios Koufoudakis

Secretary – IBUS
Dr Dionysios Koufoudakis
Nicosia, Cyprus

Enzo Durante

Prof. Enzo Durante

Chairman – IBUS Breast Imaging School and
Past President – IBUS

Professor Enzo Durante
General Surgery, University of Ferrara
Ferrara, Italy

Dr Athina Vourtsi

Director of Curriculum – IBUS Breast Imaging School
(Co-opted to the Executive Committee)

Dr Athina Vourtsi
Diagnostic Mammography Center
Athens, Greece

Prof. Alexander Mundinger

Prof. Alexander Mundinger

Chairman – Executive Alumni
Professor Alexander Mundinger
Department of Radiology
Niels-Stensen-Kliniken: MHO
Osnabrück, Germany

Prof. Jack Jellins

Prof. Jack Jellins

Founding President – IBUS
Professor Jack Jellins
PO Box 479
Double Bay NSW 1360

Prof. Fritz Schafer

Prof. Fritz Schäfer

President Elect – IBUS
Professor K W Fritz Schäfer
Breast Imaging Intervention
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein

Founding Members:

J Jellins (Founding President), Australia
E Durante, Italy
B -J Hackelöer, Germany
H Madjar (Founding Vice President), Germany
R Otto (Founding Secretary), Switzerland

Executive Alumni:

Past Presidents 
J Jellins (1991–2001), Australia
R Wilson (2001–2005), United Kingdom
A Mundinger (2005–2011), Germany 
H Madjar (2011–2015), Germany
E Durante (2016–2018), Italy

Past Secretaries 
R Otto (1991–2008), Switzerland
E Durante (2008–2015), Italy

Last modified 21 July 2023